Thursday, March 18, 2010

A weekend of Alice in Wonderland

As a Gen Y, I fit into the category of no money, no saving and no planning.  However with a bunch of my Gen Y friends, a few spare change, a wedding dress, a bit of planning and a whole bucket of imagination, we managed to transform our weekend  into a fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland. 

A special mention to Miss C*, who volunteered her place for our Alice in Wonderland Set.  She also assigned our characters and with the help of Mrs M* transformed the place into our fantasy world.
Anyone want tea?
Why the mosquito net?

A makeover for Mr Hose
Nothing was left untouched

Good work Mrs M*!

Our characters:
1. Miss ITF - Alice
2. Mrs M* - White Queen
3. Miss C* - Mad Hatter
4. Miss K* - White Rabbit
5. Miss KK - Cheshire Cat
6. Mr T* - Red Queen's Solider
7. Mr S* - Tweedledee or Tweedledum
8. Miss L* - Red Queen
9. Mr M* - ??

Mrs M* aka the White Queen

Miss C* aka the Mad Hatter

As I sit here reminiscing my night as Alice, I realize I had lived through a night of adventures in Wonderland. Here's how the story goes:

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Alice travels to an unknown place called Wonderland (i.e. Menai). As she arrives at the destination, she's see a nice neighborhood with lots of pretty gardens. Her first adventure was to fight the Jabberwock (the food), the Red Queens Pet. She had to slice, wash, marinate and pan-fried the Jabberwock. Alice had a lot of obstacles while trying to kill the Jabberwock. Tweedledee or Tweedledum kept on opening the fridge and being in the way and the Red Queen's Solider kept on intoxicating her with his oyster shots. At one point, Alice felt lost and confused (intoxicated) and thanks to the help of Mad Hatter, she was back on track.

Oyster shooter
Her next adventure was to win the rainbow straws challenge set up by the Red Queen's solider. With the help of white rabbit, they guessed the right flavours and continue on with the night.

The kind white queen was madly boiling up potions (taking photos) to help Alice and the Cheshire cat was transparent most of the time but she appeared when the time was right.

It was a lot of work but with the help of Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, White Queen and the Cheshire Cat, they were able to conquer and kill the Jabberwock in time.

The Red Queen was very mad and took it out on the Red Queen's Solider by painting and jabbing his face with the paint brush. She was so disgraced with herself she changed characters halfway through the night into Alex from A Clockwork Orange (Miss L*'s face was painted orange).

The end.

Alex aka Miss L*

We went and watch the movie Alice in Wonderland in 3D the next day.  I have to say our fantasy world was so much better then the movie.  Now, if only I can apply the same level of enthusiasm to my real world...

1. Caramel Nut Popcorn
Caramel Nut Popcorn, a recipe by my favorite blogger Not Quite Nigella

2. Oyster Shooter
Oyster Shooter

Oyster Shooter
By Mr T*

a dash of tabasco
- one oyster
- 1 tbl of tomato juice
- a dash of salt and pepper
- a squeeze of lemon juice
-  vodka to your liking

Add all the ingredients into a shot glass.  To get the full taste, bite the oyster before you swallow the whole shot. 
3. Lychee and Vodka
Lychee and vodka
Lychee and Vodka
By Miss C*

- One 230g can of lychee with syrup
- vodka to your liking
- ice shaving or ice cubes
- blender

Pour can of lychee with all of its syrup into the blender and add vodka and ice cubes.  Start the blender for one minute.  Easy!

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  1. mel <3 "yummmyyyyy... feed me? xox"

  2. love your work, love your work !!
    I want more, more !

  3. What an adventure! glad i was there to help you attack the jabberwock. =)