Friday, March 26, 2010

Let's celebrate Multicultralism with food!

I love my job, my students are great and we celebrate our diverse range of multiculture all the time.  Today was another memorable day.  Students were asked to bring a dish from their own culture to share with their peers.  The students were all very generous and we had such a huge amount of food, I thought we had enough food to feed the whole school for 1 week!  The students and teachers were all very excited to taste the different dishes and I think I ended up filling up my plates 3 or 4 times. 

Aussie meat pies

Unknown 1

Chinese fried rice

Unknown 2

An African dish made from vine leaves and chicken meat

Chinese Dumplings and Chicken wings

Korean Stir Fry Noodle (aka Chap Chae)

Unknown 3

More dumplings and some type of meat skewers

Some type of Chilli Chicken

Lebanese sweets (aka Baklava)

The Baklava was my favourite dessert out of all the sweets.  I don't know if this was homemade or purchased from a store but it was really fresh.  The pastry was crispy and it had just the right amount of sweetness with the beautiful addition of rosewater.

Korean mochi sweets (aka Rice cakes with different fillings)

There were so many varieties.  I had to restrain myself to have only one mochi because I knew they would fill me up pretty quickly because it is mainly made from rice flour. 

Indian Fried Puff Curry

Chinese Dim Sum

Lebanese Meat Falafel

Lebanese Vegetarian Falafel

Chinese Wonton

Chilean Swiss Roll

The Chilean Swiss Roll was very popular and I actually didn't get to have a piece.  :(

Unknown 4

Vietnamese Spring Roll

There were so many Vietnamese spring rolls and they were so much better then the ones you get at the restaurants.  Each spring roll was stuffed with stuffing.  I can't even recall the number of spring rolls I stuffed into my mouth!

A bit of everything

Vietnamese Coconut Jelly

Chilli Korean Rice Cake

Stir Fry Noodles

Unknown 5

Oily Yellow Rice

Lebanese Fried Rice

The Lebanese fried rice is very different to the fried rice I am use to eating.  There were alot of ingredients in the fried rice.  I could see noodles, sultanas, potato, meat and green peas.  It was very unusual but one of my colleague said the dish was very authentic.

Vietnamese Jelly

The Vietnamese Jelly is very different to the jellies that I would usually eat.  The texture is much more firm and it doesn't melt in your mouth.  I actually didn't want anyone to eat it because it looked so beautiful. 
Palestinian Dish

Fish with Rice

Unknown 6

I was so full I couldn't even eat dinner that night.  The event was a huge success and I am still licking my lips thinking about all those delicious food.  It's amazing how food can bring all kinds of people together. 
I wasn't able to ask the students the name of some of the dishes.  If anyone knows, it be great to inform me and everyone else.

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  1. WOW! Can I come to your school next time you have multiculturism day?

  2. Hey Rosie,
    Moly and I were talking shit the other night and decided to have cultural themed nights, where we go and eat a certain culture's food, have their deserts and only drink their alcohol.

    Plus you can blog about it.

    Had a dream about creme brule the other night. Have you learnt to make it yet?

  3. Can you learn how to make food from different cultures so we can cultural food nights? I would love you forever Rosa. I like the idea!

    Kim, you dream about creme brulee. You know what I dream about.