Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Massive Sushi and Guinness World Record

So why did I put Sushi and Guinness World Record in the same sentence. As you all know sushi is a delicacy from Japan, it's a little rectangular rice ball with some type of topping on top of the rice. You're meant to put the whole sushi into your mouth and savor the flavours of the rice and the topping. However at this particular restaurant, it is almost impossible to put the whole sushi into your mouth. Being the food nerd, I research the Guinness World Record to see if they have found the biggest sushi served at a restaurant. Unfortunately there wasn't such a title which made me sound like a complete loser.

Anyhow, you get the idea that this restaurant serves 'massive' sushi.  When I made the booking, I had to preorder as there was only one chef working tonight.  That was not a big problem for me, as I have eaten here numerous times and remember the menu front to back and back to front.

Salmon Sushi - $3.00 each

To show I mean serious business, I bought a ruler to measure the sushi. 

13 cm in length!
2-3 cm in thickness
8 cm in length!
Overflowing with Capelin fish roe - $3.00 each

King Fish Sushi - $3.00 each  & Scallop Sushi $3.00 each

The scallop sushi has three super fresh scallops sliced in half and wrapped with the nori seaweed.  It so massive, you can't even see the rice.

Cuttlefish Sushi - $3.00 each

The Cuttlefish sushi is one of my favourite because the chef slices the cuttlefish really finely and there is a lot of it. They hardly have this in stock and we were very lucky to get the two because when we went back to order for seconds they said there were none left.

Salmon avocado & mayonnaise thin roll - $12.00 8pcs

No, I haven't done a typo, it's a thin roll according to their standards.  Once you have this, you can not go back to normal sushi.

Soft Crab Roll - $14.00 8pcs

Drum roll for this great masterpiece. The soft shell crab is fried when ordered and the combination of the different types of vegetables plus the fish roe and the crunchy soft shell crab is mesmerising to my taste buds.

Maki Sushi (eel, egg, prawn & vegetables) - $14.00  8 pcs

Homemade Green Tea & Sticky Date Icecream $1.00 for two scoops
Homemade Green Tea & Red Bean Icecream

By the end of the meal, we were all really stuffed to the bone.  However we couldn't leave unless we have the homemade ice-cream.  The texture is more icy then creamy and green tea and the sticky date was our favourite. 

I would usually end my post with the line 'Sharing is Caring...'. However on this special occasion, I can't reveal the address on my blog. The restaurant is a very small place and the chef takes huge pride in his creation. He would usually have only one turn over per night and often turn customers away if they have not reserved a table. I like to respect his values and so If you email me for the address of this restaurant, I will email you back.


  1. My favourite post so far and I have been wanting to go every night since you have taken me. Thanks, so happy!

  2. Aww no! I was dying to know where this place was! :P There's a place nearby to me that is supposed to serve really big sushi. Perhaps this is it? ;)