Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lots of yellow grass and food @ Launceston, Tasmania Day 1

The ticket was cheap, us girls were all kinda free.  So why not? was our motto.  However during our trip we had a lot more why yes moments.

Firstly, our friend missed the flight which is really no big deal unless our friend (who was left behind in Sydney) was the one who planned our whole trip and booked the tours. Lucky our friend managed to book a flight straight away and was able to meet up with us in 3 hours. So we arrived in Launceston, hungry and no idea where to head next. So we went to pick up our hired car which we have booked over the internet already. Disaster strikes again, Thirfty the company we went through apparently did not reserve a car for us. The worse thing was not the fact that we had no hired car but the lady looked at us four girls and suggested a solution, “We have a 3 seater, would you like to take it?” “Er, no thank you” was our reply. So we  desperately tried other companies and somehow we managed to book a car through Budget and everything seem to be back on schedule. Our friend kindly text us our first stop, which was Tantpourtant, a lovely little café in Launceston. When we arrived it was almost 4 o’clock, so they didn’t have much variety left and they were not able to provide salad with the pies. Nevertheless we settled for a mushroom + spinach pie and a smoked salmon pie.

Smoke salmon pie $5.10
 Mushroom + Spinach pie $5.20

Even though they were reheated in the micowave, the filling of the pies were still very moist and I thought it was  rather strange that the pies looked and tasted like a quiche but was named a pie.

Maybe I was very hungry but during my moment of scoffing down the smoke salmon pie, the leek in the pie got caught in my throat. So I would have prefered the leek to be chopped more finely.

We decided to be fancy and order organic drinks, and it was not bad but I prefer the ‘real’ ginger beer and the 'real' lemon, lime & bitter.

Organic Ginger beer $3.90
Organic Lemon, Lime & Bitter

The cafe also makes a wonderful variety of breads.  They have a list of breads and due to the high demands and their oven capacity, they may not be available everyday, so if your really particular about the type of bread, its best to call before you go. 

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Tant pour tant
226  Charles St, Launceston, TAS
Tel: 03 6334 9884
Fax: 03 6334889
Monday to Friday 7.30-5.30pm
Saturday to Sunday 8.30-3.00pm

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