Monday, May 3, 2010

How to Cook Perfect Fried Dumplings with Frozen Dumplings

What is wrong with frozen food?  According to me there is nothing wrong with frozen food.  It's convenient and keeps food from going off and its much healthier than takeaway.  I always have a few packets of these frozen dumplings in my freezer for snacking or emergency dinner.  

How to Clean your Water Kettle!

Do we ever open our water kettle to just have a look inside because we have nothing better to do...  

Well, on a bright and sunny day, I decided to look into my kettle.  I was disgusted to find this black mouldy looking ring had formed inside my kettle.  I had been boiling and drinking water from this kettle all this time and it had something growing inside.  Please readers do not be too disturbed by my ugly kettle because if you look inside your own kettle, you will probably find the same thing.  I don't know the reason behind it but thankfully I do have a solution.