Monday, April 19, 2010

No Effort Dinner Parties! aka HOT POT or Korean BBQ!

How do you organise a dinner party without sweating it out in the kitchen all day long?  The answer is Hot Pot or Korean BBQ.  It is super easy to buy the ingredients and to prepare the materials.  It is also fun for the dinner guests as they get to cook and eat what they want.  Stop slaving away in the kitchen and try these out!

Korean BBQ

I love this pan to death.  I found it at a Korean grocery shop and I rave on about it to my friends.  Its non-stick and really easy to clean.   It's also great if your watching your weight, because the pan has been designed like the George Freeman Grill where it is slanted so the oil from the meat drips out. 

Korean Chilli BBQ marinade

Chilli BBQ marinade goes really well with chicken or pork.  I have tried it with beef but it doesn't taste as good as chicken or pork. 

Chicken marinated in the chilli BBQ sauce

Korean BBQ marinade

I have made Korean BBQ marinde from scratch and it taste very similar to the purchased ones but it does take effort and I am blogging about a no effort dinner party so I just bought the marinade.

Beef ribs marinated in the Korean BBQ sauce

YAY to sliced meat

Straw mushroom


Sesame Oil with salt flakes and black pepper

Chilli Bean Paste

I love using sesame oil with salt and pepper as a dipping sauce.  Just don't marinade the meat and cook it in the pan and dip it into the sesame oil.  It's my favourite way of having Korean BBQ.  Make sure you cook lots of rice for your guests and put it in the middle of the table.  Eat this like San Choy Bow by using the lettuce as a bowl and add rice, meat, straw mushroom and your favourite dipping sauce.  

Hot Pot

The weather is getting cooler and Hot Pot is the perfect way to keep warm.  I was able to purchase everything from one chinese grocery store.  So my tip for anyone who wants to have hotpot is to find the biggest Chinese grocery store you can find and everything that is listed here should be in stock. 

My favourite instant hot pot soup

Dried bean curd soaked in hot water and beef balls

Straw mushroom, Shitake and king oyster mushroom 


Sliced pork

Sliced wagu beef

Sliced chicken

Shanghai dumplings

Chinese cabbage

Chinese lettuce

Rice noodles

Different varieties of fish balls and cakes

 Instruction is to open everything and place it on the table.  Wait until the hot pot is boiling then add the hot pot food.  Too easy!

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