Monday, April 26, 2010

Canton Noodle, Burwood and a not so good cafe

Before I start writing about the food, I am going to apologise to my dear friend Spud.  This horrible photos were taken before I had the photography lesson with you.  So please excuse the flash (because its a big no no) and kindly look beyond the flaws.

Canton Noodle is one of my family's favorite eatery.  It's great value for money, the serving is always huge and the taste is always pretty good.  Mr ITF and I met up with two of my high school friends, lady Gu Gu and Ms U for dinner.  

When you are seated, the waitress would usually put down several menus on the table.  Unless your familiar with this place, it would usually take you a good 10-15 minute to go through all the menus plus the menus that is stuck all over the walls.  We notice there was a new menu consisting of only set menus.  It was written in Chinese, so I asked the waitress if we could have an English menu.  Unfortunately they don't but fortunately we had one person who could read Chinese, which was Mr ITF.  So he translated the whole set menu for us!  Since we had only four people we choose the 4-people menu which cost a total of $88.80.  It consisted of a shallot and ginger crab, 8 pcs of curry puff or 8 pcs of vegetarian spring roll, three dishes of your choice from the set menu and rice.  We added noodles for our crab which was an extra $8.00.

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

I adore Spring Rolls especially vegetarian spring rolls.  So I picked the vegetarian spring rolls without a second thought at the puff pastry.  The spring rolls were really good except it was a tad oily and if they had drained it a bit longer, it would have been perfect.

Deep Fried Salt and Pepper Calamari 

I have always picked this dish when I come.  This dish have never disappointed us.  As you can see from the photo, the serving is huge and it is unbelievable value at just $12.80.  

Egg Plant and Pork Mince Hot Pot with Special Spicy Sauce

I realise the photo does not do any justice for this dish and it is 101% my fault.  It is a beautiful dish and you could end up having 2-3 bowls of rice because of the sauce.

Stir Fry Sin Qua (aka Luffa), Beef and Black Fungus

I love this because it is simple and healthy.  Its hard to recreate this dish at home because you need alot of wok power (i.e. strong fire and lots of tossing power).  The name Black Fungus sounds a bit wrong but it is really healthy for you and apparently lowers high blood pressure.

Ginger and Shallot Crab with Noodle Base

We always order our Ginger and Shallot Crab with noodle base.  The noodles soaks up the crab sauce and they complement each other so well.  

After our wonderful dinner, we wanted to find a nice cafe to just sit and mingle more.  There is so many eateries on Burwood Rd, so if one eatery is busy, you can just casually stroll to the next available one.  That is what we did and we stumbled upon Caffe Gasparo.  

Iced chocolate $4.90  

 Vanilla Latte $4.00

Strawberry Milkshake $4.00      

  Chamomile Tea $3.00

We sat down and quickly ordered our drinks and desserts.  I asked the waitress if they had Vanilla Latte before I ordered my drink.  Mr ITF had a Ice Chocolate,  Ms U had a strawberry Milkshake, and Lady Gu Gu had a Chamomile tea.  Mr ITF and I picked the Creme Brulee because we are both a huge fan of it and Lady Gu Gu and Ms U picked the Blueberry cheesecake.  

As we mingled, our drinks came very quickly.  I had a sip of my Vanilla Latte and realise straight away they had forgotten to put the Vanilla essence in.  So I told the waitress and she was apologetic and quickly fixed it.  When the Vanilla Latte came back, I took another sip and straight away I knew they put alot of sugar into my latte and zero vanilla essense.  My friends saw my annoyed look and remarked that their drinks were less than drinkable as well.  The only person who didn't have any compaints was Lady Gu Gu because she ordered a Chamomile tea.  I felt annoyed that I had to complain again so I didn't and I just didn't touch it again.  (my untouched latte speaks a thousand words ;p) 

Creme Brulee with cream & Vanilla Ice Cream $8.90

Blueberry Cheese Cake with Cream & Vanilla Ice Cream $8.90

The desserts came and we were quick to judge it by its presentation.  The Creme Brulee wasn't even brown properly but we all digged in and we all agreed in unison it was the worst Creme Brulee we have ever had.  It tasted like gooey butter.  Mr ITF even suggested that the Creme Brulee might have been off.  

The Blueberry Cheese Cake was alright, but definitely not cafeteria standards.

When we left, we had barely touched our desserts and our drinks.  I hope they understood our message loud and clear.  It will be along time before I visit this place again.  

Canton Noodle House
45 Burwood Road, Burwood, NSW 2134
Tel: (02) 97447833
Fax: (02) 97441433
Open 7 days :10.30 am - 9.45 pm 

Caffe Gasparo
130 Burwood Road, Burwood, NSW 2134
Tel: (02) 97447371
Monday - Saturday:  8.00 am - 10.30 pm
Sunday:                    9.00 am - 10.30 pm

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  1. oh yum, i'm deffinetly going to the canton noodle house. yum thanks, your awesome [=

  2. Poor Spud. hehe.

    I'm hungry now.

    Eggplant and mince meat is one of my favourite family dishes of all time, looks delish! x