Monday, April 26, 2010

Japanese Night... OISHII!

Make your own sushi

YaY to theme parties!  Our theme parties usually consist of food, food and more food.  Tonight was no exception.  When Ms C* suggested Japanese Night, She smartly sold the idea to me by mentioning that it would be wonderful for my blog.  And yes indeed it was!  Now looking back at the photos, it makes my mouth water and my heart warm from remembering the happy memories.  I would say yes in a heart beat next time without a thought of my blog... because I truly had a wonderful time!

 There was alot of preparation because we wanted people to make their own sushi from the ingredients on the table.  So we provided every imaginable fillings that we could think of that was Japanese.  The girls went to buy the ingredients in the afternoon and I met up with them to prepare the filling.  It was a team effort which consisted of chopping, peeling, frying, and simmering.

As you would have notice, the style of the photos look different because they were taken by my dear friend Ms L*.  Note, I wouldn't have been able to do such a good job!

Roasted Rice

We roasted our own rice, to make traditional roasted rice with green tea.  The aroma is beautiful and is very popular in Japan.  You can also purchase pre-made ones in Asian grocery stores.  

Pickled radish, pickled bamboo, cucumber

Seafood stick

Fried egg omelette's sliced into strips

Seaweed for the Miso Soup

Japanese Soy Sauce and Egg Mayonnaise 


Steamed Peas with Salt

Pickled Ginger

Roasted Eels
Fish Roe


Japanese Salad

 Mixed Tempura

Japanese Pork Curry

Teriyaki Wagu Beef

Finished Result

After our successful dinner party, we headed into the lounge area and 'The married one' ( she is the only married one out of all of us) showed us DVDs of her wedding night.  And we release a lot of happy tears. 


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  1. What a great idea for a theme party! In fact Japanese is one of the most popular cuisines with my friends-I can't think of a single one that doesn't like it. And well done on roasting your own rice for the tea! :D

  2. so much fun, my mouth is watering again!

    French will be have to be the next theme,
    oui oui?

  3. Wow- there's so much food! The curry looks delicious! And the roasted rice looks really cool =] I never knew that you could put tea in rice! But then again, I don't drink tea....=]

  4. You don't? Well tea is meant to have high antioxidant and cuts fat. Does that help you change your mind on tea?

  5. we're doing this next time i'm in sydney!!! XD